Mathematics and Science

When we think of Liberty and Dignity, most people do not tend to think about Mathematics or Science as something that should be included.

However, many of the ideas and theories mathematicians and scientists have invented and developed were not always welcome with open arms.

Many were persecuted, put on trial, faced death, and lost their criticality in their field because of their work. So at times they were cautious and hesitant, because they knew they could face a backlash from publishing their work.    Despite repercussion, many mathematicians and scientists published their work which are still studied and used today.

Below are some examples of items we have in our collection on the subjects of Mathematics and Science:

Archimedes Opera by Archimedes

Date of Publication: 1675The mathematician and engineer Archimedes (ca 287-212 BC) was one of the greatest minds of antiquity, making important discoveries in geometry, statistics, hydrostatics and mechanics. He determined the value of Pi.  He was also a practical...

Elements by Euclid

Date of Publication: 1545First Edition Italian.“Greek mathematician who lived in the third century B.C. in Alexandria. His most famous work, Elements, is considered to be history’s most successful textbook.  It is a collection of definitions, postulates, and proofs. ...