The Remnant Trust Internship Initiative

The Internship Initiative is another major step in the life of The Remnant Trust.  Jefferson noted that a nation cannot expect its people to remain ignorant and free at the same time.  That’s why it is crucial for this current generation of parents, educators and leaders to pass along the wisdom and bedrock principles of individual liberty and human dignity to the next generation.  To this end, The Remnant Trust has created The Remnant Trust Intern Initiative, a truly unique hands-on, original sources educational adventure.  These interns have a core reading list to complete and they work from original sources, help plan and participate in conferences and seminars, work with visiting scholars, complete and present projects related to the Athenaeum and advance the mission and work of The Remnant Trust.

A logical outgrowth of our relationship with colleges and universities, The Remnant Trust internships is structured for undergraduates well as graduate students.  Students may work for up to a full academic year with The Remnant Trust and receive a cash stipend as well as academic credit for their work.  In addition, The Remnant Trust offers visiting scholars the opportunity to work in a hands-on fashion with original sources (see The Remnant Trust Visiting Scholar Initiative).

For students interested in our Internship Initiative, please contact us by phone at 765-993-1749 or via email at: