The Mission of The Remnant Trust


The mission of The Remnant Trust is to elevate educational standards & the public’s understanding of individual liberty & human dignity through the precedent setting, hands on availability of the world’s great ideas in original form…To raise consciousness of the most significant documents that have shaped America: The Great Experiment…to raise the spirits of each generation to think the grandest thoughts & be guided by the most profound idealism, implementing Emerson’s thesis on Man Thinking…to provide, through sharing, those works moving Goethe’s vision into reality: to think is easy, to act is hard, but the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with one’s thinking…to be the world’s finest repository of the great ideas that have propelled Man through the centuries from the earth to the stars…to be free, to think, speak & act in keeping with the greatest of enduring assets: Reason, with justice for all…Great ideas belong to everyone.