History and Purpose of The Remnant Trust

Students from Grace College
Visitors to The Remnant Trust

The History of The Remnant Trust, Inc.

The Remnant Trust was founded in 1997. It began with a conversation about education and getting people to think.  It was stated, “The only thing that excites professors are old books”.  It was decided The Collection should focus on the ideas of liberty and dignity and the time period prior to the 20th century.

The Remnant Trust incorporated in 1999 and is overseen by its Board, who come from all walks of life and different backgrounds but shares a common interest and understanding for the need to have all sides to be represented in The Collection so individuals can form their own opinions and ideas. Kristophor Bex is the current President of The Remnant Trust as well as board member.

No one person owns The Collection, The Remnant Trust, Inc. organization owns and preserves it.

The Remnant Trust is Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. It operates on capital from grants, private and public contribution, and capital raised through fundraising events.



The Purpose of The Remnant Trust, Inc.

Placing such “great and rare documents” in the hands of faculty and students may well lead to an improvement of their minds and spirits—directly and deliberately stimulated with the ideas inside those works and in accordance with the higher laws of life acknowledged by an engaged populous.  So The Remnant Trust provide for use these works—The Wisdom of the Ages Athenaeum—to put forth a body of ideas, moral habits and beliefs, conventions and customs of the past to bridge time itself, and to invite students, faculty, and the public alike to join in intellectual conversations.

The Remnant Trust makes available to the general public, a world class collection of manuscripts, 1st and early edition works, for use in original form.  Collections of this magnitude and quality are found deep in the archives of prestigious institutions, under lock and key and accessible only to a privileged few.  By contrast The Remnant Trust’s vision has always been to provide the opportunity for people to hold, examine, read and discuss the pieces of the collection.