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Benedictine College

Thomas Jefferson Addresses the Community

Thomas Jefferson to Give Address

Documents of Freedom

Magna Carta

Magna Carta at Benedictine College

Magna Carta and Other Documents

Lincoln is Center Stage

Great Books at Benedictine College

Great Books at Benedictine College 2

Exhibit at Benedictine College

Benedictine College on Display

Benedictine College Great Books 2014

Benedictine College Exhibit Shows 2014

Benedictine College The Remnant Trust Brochure 2014


Brigham Young University – BYU Studies Quarterly Vol 53 N01 2014


Texas Tech University

Texas Tech to House Major Historical Collection

Our View – Texas Tech Gains

Tech to be Home to Priceless Writings

Texas Tech to be Home of Collection of Priceless Manuscripts

Texas Tech Gains in Prestige With Collection of Priceless Documents


Trine University

Walking Through Trine’s New T. Furth Center For Performing Arts During Open House

Trine’s Annual Humanities Symposia Ties Topics To The Remnant Trust

The Remnant Trust Collection Opens At Trine

Hurry and See The Remnant Trust At Trine University

ESL Students Check Out The Remnant Trust

Don’t Miss A New Collection From The Remnant Trust

Angola Girl Scouts Explore The Remnant Trust At Trine

Trine University 2014 – Battle For The Vote

Trine University – Aesop’s Fables

The Remnant Trust and Trine University

The Remnant Trust Allows Students to Study First Addition Historical Materials

Spring Symposia Poster


University of Arkansas

Rare Books From the Remnant Trust

The Remnant Trust Exhibit

The Remnant Trust

U of A Honors College Blog

University of Arkansas Events and Lectures


West Virginia University

Rare, Historical Documents Coming To WVU

Faculty Focus

Touching History

Six History Professors Participate in “Touching History” Exhibit



Shaffer to Present The Remnant Trust Lecture