Partnership with Texas Tech University

In 2014, The Remnant Trust and Texas Tech University formed a partnership to bring The Remnant Trust Collection to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.


The Collection arrived at Texas Tech in late January 2015 and is located on campus at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library with The Remnant Trust Collection Headquarters.


This partnership came after Texas Tech hosted an exhibition of selected works of The Remnant Trust in 2012. The exhibition was extremely popular and the Museum of Texas Tech University had over 75,000 visitors come through its doors to see the exhibition. Texas Tech felt they had something special and soon talks began to see what Texas Tech could do to bring the collection to its faculty, students, and local community.  After two or three years of conversations a partnership was formed between the two to bring The Remnant Trust Collection to Texas Tech and the surrounding community.

Texas Tech has been very welcoming to The Remnant Trust allowing them to further focus on their mission as well as the Texas Tech and local community.  The Remnant Trust has an ongoing exhibition at the Museum of Texas Tech University located on the SE corner of 4th Street and Indiana Avenue (3301 4th Street). For more information about hours and location visit their website: . The exhibition will be rotated out on a regular basis about once a year. Students, professors, and faculty of Texas Tech University have been using the opportunity to use the collection in the classroom as well as visit The Remnant Trust on campus to read, touch, and examine works. The local community of Lubbock, Texas has been very welcoming and The Remnant Trust has been to several events to give locals the opportunity to examine the documents.