Novanglus by John Adams

Date of Publication: 1819

Political essays written in 1774 and 1775, on the principal points of controversy between Great Britain and her colonies.

“For the last twenty years, our principal opinions have partaken so much of feeling, in the contest between the two great European rivals, that the happiness, the interests, and even the character of America seem to have been almost forgotten.  But the spirit of party has now most happily so far subsided, that a disposition to look into, and examine the history of our own dear country, and its concerns, very generally prevails.  Perhaps there is no part of that history, that is more interesting, than the controversy between Great Britain and her colonies, and their final separation. 

It is more important, that the rising generation should be well acquainted with the principles and justice of that cause, which eventuated in our independence, and to which we are indebted for our present envied state of prosperity and happiness. By an attentive perusal of these essays, a correct judgment may be formed of all the principal and leading points of the controversy, between the colonies and the mother country.” #0021