Archimedes Opera by Archimedes

Date of Publication: 1675

The mathematician and engineer Archimedes (ca 287-212 BC) was one of the greatest minds of antiquity, making important discoveries in geometry, statistics, hydrostatics and mechanics. 

He determined the value of Pi.  He was also a practical engineer who constructed war machines and other devices for his patron.  He is said to have invented a system of compound pulleys capable of lifting entire ships and their contents in order to demonstrate to King Hieron the principle of mechanical advantage.  He is also said to have designed the water pump that we now know as the Archimedes Screw in order to raise water from the hold of another King Hieron’s ships.  Greek and Latin text in double columns.  A sumptuously bound copy for Queen Marie de’ Medicis, widow of Henry IV of France, of this important edition of Archimedes.  This is the first edition of the influential translation and commentary of David Rivault. #0294