The Englished Euclide, Being the First Six Elements of Geometry by Euclid (Translated by Edmund Scarburgh)

Published: 1705

First Edition. Entitled, “The Englished Euclide, Being the First Six Elements of Geometry, Translated Out of Greek with Annotations and Useful Supplements” (Elements), this work was published in 1705 in Oxford. It was translated out of Greek and includes annotations and supplements by Edmund Scarburgh. Also included in this volume are several illustrations with geometric formulas, tables, and diagrams. “Elements” is a geometric treatise consisting of thirteen books, with the first six books are seen here, and is attributed to Greek mathematician Euclid in 300 B.C. Most scholars believe “Elements” is a collection of propositions by other mathematicians supplemented with some original work. The work is a collection of definitions, postulates, and mathematical proofs and propositions. The first printed edition was published in 1482 in Venice and the first edition in English was translated by Henry Billingsley and published in 1570. Euclid’s “Elements” is considered to one of the oldest mathematical textbook still used today. It is one of the most influential textbooks ever written and is the basis of all subsequent mathematical teaching. #0557